Law services and principles of the work with clients
Like most of the law companies in Sofia we offer all kind of possibilities to work with clients: individual consultations, subscription services, work with other parties on material significant trades or cases and others. Basic principals are the client’s interests and the protection of his rights on all legal means at a maximum level of propriety without entering in cooperation with competitors and by following the commercial, financial and official secret of our clients.

Contract for legal services

The relations with our clients are regulated by a contract for legal services, consistent with the requirements of every client, depending on the specifics of his activities and possibilities. Usually we suggest 3 possibilities:

  • Framework agreement with discount for consultations at a certain hourly rate;

  • Agreement for legal services with hard subscription, including certain number of hours per month, which are covered by the subscription price and an hourly rate when it is exceeded.

  • Subscription agreement for monthly legal services without any time restrictions.

All three types of the legal services does not include the litigation /engagement in legal proceedings/ because of the obligatory for us Regulation for the minimum attorney fee by the Supreme Bar Council.