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About us

Law company “Horozov and partners” was registered as a separate entity at the register of the law companies in the Sofia Bar Association.

It has entirely succeeded the law office of attorney Georgi Stoyanov Horozov, which started its activities in 1997. Apart from his plenteous practical experience, the theoretical background, that he has, allows lawyer Georgi Horozov to publish his works in several established specialized publishing companies. Among them are: “Legal regime of the privatization in Bulgaria”, Sofia 1996, “Sibi” publishing company; “Insolvency proceeding and worker-manager privatization”, Sofia 1997, publishing company “Trud i pravo”; “Practical law problems of the privatization”, Sofia 1998, publishing company “Sibi”; “The privatization contract”, Sofia 2000, publishing company “Sibi”; “Post privatization control”, Sofia 2002, publishing company “Sibi”; and over 100 publications on commercial, civil and administrative law and privatization in “Market and law”, “Property and law”, “Bulgarian lawyer”, “Contemporary law”, “Law thought”, as well as participation in discussions and initiatives of bill preparation. He has frequently lectured seminars and courses, organized by the National Association Legal Initiative for Local Government and the New Bulgarian University.